'Kya Super Kool hai hum' releasing after 5 Years ? - Bade Ache Lagte hai mistake

Bade Ache Lagte Hai, a hit serial that telecasts on Sony TV is at it best with the new story and a total twist, the 5 year gap in this show gave it more popularity then it had before the 5 year gap. But the most interesting thing is the promotion of new film 'Kya Super cool hain hum', which is to be in August month but is that what makes it interesting ?


The main culprit Facebook found in Girl Molestation on 9th

The incident that took place in Guwahati on 9th July is not just about one girl but about the respect of each and every woman in India. It's the most cruel act i have ever seen and none of the felony should be let go.


Girl molested by 20 peoples in Guwahati ! So this is India ?

India, a place known all over the world for it's holiness. Who haven't seen 'Indian is great' written on almost every truck but is that enough to show the love for your country ?


Dara Singh - The He-man of India is no more

Who doesn't know about Dara Singh in India. He was a well known actor and sportsman. He was the trademark of power and excellence in India.


Labnol and all other sites of Amit Agarwal have been taken over by hackers

This is one of the baddest news for me after the flood in Assam. The best and most known blogger in India, who is an inspiration for me is facing this hard time.