Time Table for HSLC/AHM SEBA Assam 2015

The time table and schedule for the matriculation examinations 2015 held by SEBA is now out.


Laptop Technical Specifications for Anundoram Borooah Awards 2014

Thousands of laptops were distributed on 24th and 25th of this month among the 1st Division Holders (Kamrup (M) district) of the HSLC/AHM and other examinations held by SEBA (Assam) as per the Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme.

This year's Laptop specifications:

Brand & Model HP 1000 - 1336TU NB (India)
Processor Intel Pentium Processor 2030M (2.5 Ghz)
Storage 500GB Hard Drive
CD/DVD Drive DVD ± RW Optical Drive
Connectivity WLAN, WiFi
Ports & Slots 3 USB, 1 HDMI, 1 DSUB/VGA, LAN, Microphone and Speaker Jack, SD Card Slot
Display 14" inch Anti Glare LCD Dispay
OS Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS (Windows can be installed)
MRP Rs. 22,000.00 /-


Anundoram Borooah Awards (for Kamrup M.) - Laptop Distribution on 24th and 25th

Previous day (23rd of December, 2014) the ceremonial function for Anundoram Borooah Awards 2014 was held and laptops were distributed among the top rank holders of the HSLC/AHM etc.

This year the number of students securing 1st Division in Assam surpassed all the previous figures, this time 40,999 students secured 1st Division in the HSLC/AHM examination, and around 3 thousand students are from the Kamprup District to whom the Laptops will be distributed on the 24th and 25th of December.

The board would have distributed the laptops in the ceremonial function but due to the huge number of students it wasn't practical and may have caused inconvenience to the students as well as the authorities, so the distribution will be done on 24th and 25th.

The students may have received a form and a booklet where the venue and the counter number where they will get their laptops are mentioned, so do read that.

Venue: Tarunram Phukan Indoor Stadium, B. Barua Road, Gandhi Basti, Guwahati, Assam.

Photo Gallery

Photos from the Ceremonial Function of Anundoram Borooah Awards 2014 at Veterinary College Playground, Khanapara, Guwhati.  

Anundoram Borooah Awards 2014 Photo

Anundoram Borooah Awards 2014 Photo

Anundoram Borooah Awards 2014 Photo

Anundoram Borooah Awards 2014 Photo

Photos from Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi's website: http://tarungogoi.in/photo.php?galleryid=PC-851


1st Division Holders (Kamrup District) to get HSLC Anundroram B. Awards on 23rd December

The Assam Tribune published the dates of the Anundoram Borooah Awards presentation for the HSLC/AHM final examination for 2014.

All the 1st Division holders (Kamrup District) in the aforementioned examinations will receive the awards on 23rd of December 2014. The Central CceremonialDistribution function shall be held on 23rd of December, 2014 at 11am at the Veterinary College Playground in Khanapara, Guwahati.

The invitations card have been dispatched to the respective High School/AHM. For more details you can get in touch with AMTRON at 0361-2724221.

News for the distribution of laptops to the rank holders were published the previous day.


HSLC 2014 Awards To Be Presented to Rank Holders on 23rd December

After the news about the HSLC Awards or Anundoram Borooah Awards Scheme that is presented to the students of HSLC/AHM who pass the matriculation with more than 50% marks, the news about the of the Central Ceremonial Function is out.


2015 Matriculation Schedule - Assam (SEBA/AHM)

The time-table for the 2015 HSLC examinations by SEBA board is yet to be announced.

The exact dates aren't given yet. The time-table will be updated as soon as the exact dates are announced.

9:30 a.m. TO 12:30 p.m. (Except for papers with Asterisk)
February 19th , 2015
February 20th , 2015
*Fine Art (E)
February 21st , 2015
*Garment Designing (E)
February 23rd , 2015
MIL/ *English (IL)
February 24th , 2015
*Fiqh & Aquaid
*Music (E)
*Dance (E)
*Wood Craft (E)
*Cane and,Bamboo Technology (E)
February 25th , 2015
Assamese (E)
February 26th , 2015
Bengali (E)
February 27th , 2015
General Science
February 28th , 2015
Nepali (E)
*Textile Design & Clothing (E)
Computer Science (E) (New) / *Computer Science (E) (Old)
March 3rd , 2015
Social Science
March 6th , 2015
General Mathemat
March 7th , 2015
Manipuri (E)
Bodo (E)
Santhali (E)
March 9th , 2015
Advanced,Mathematics (E)
Sanskrit (E)
Arabic (E)
Persian (E)
History (E)
Geography (E)
Agriculture (E)
Home,Science (E)
March 11th , 2015
Practical Examination of the subjects -Computer Science (E),
Wood Craft (E),and,Textile Design & Clothing (E)
March 12th , 2015
Practical Examination of the subjects - Fine Art (E),
Garment Designing (E), Cane & Bamboo Technology (E), Music (E),
Dance (E), Home Science (E) and,Agriculture (E)

Note: Examination time is 9:30AM to 11:00.