List of PokeStops and Gyms in Guwahati / Assam for Pokémon GO! Players

Pokémon Go! was released on the Playstore almost around 6 months ago in July but it wasn't until mid December when players in Assam and certain parts of India could actually go out and play even with the .apk files downloaded from other sources which is because most of the part of the country, including Assam was geo-blocked, a fancy term for not spawning Pokemon where the game hasn't been launched.

The good news is that the game is finally out in India and the parts which were geo-blocked are no longer a dead place, you can go out and find Pokemon in the real World!

Though one major problem that is apparent in Assam is the lack of PokeStops and Gyms, a Pokestop is a place where the player can go to in accordance to get items in their inventory which is required to progress further in the game, and a Gym is also a place, basically a historical monument, a temple or any popular public feature, where teams in the game can battle with their Pokemon.

If you are an active player of Pokeon GO! game in Assam you already may have seen that the lack of PokeStops and Gyms is a major problem, and it is quite difficult to find one near you. So we have made a list of know PokeStops and Gyms in Assam with the help of active players (names will be added in credits).

List of PokeStops & Gyms

Last updated: 13/01/2017

  1. LGB airport entrance : Pokestop
  2. Lal Ganesh, Lokhora (near axis bank) : Pokestop + Gym
  3. Kamakhya Temple: 4 pokestops all near one another and one gym
  4. Guwahati University near Guwahati masjid : Pokestop
  5. After crossing Guwahati University bypass on the way to airport, near the water tower : Pokestop
  6. Jio Fort Blg. & Digital Xpress Lachit Nagar (Ullubari): 2 Poksetop s (overlapping)
  7. Azara, near DBC Bhagwan temple : Pokestop
  8. Azara :Near Khup Khalas temple : Gym
  9. Azara mosque : Pokestop
  10. IIT guest house : Gym
  11. IIT foundation auditorium : Pokestop
  12. IIT college building: Pokestop
  13. NH 37, Near ISBT Flyover, Reliance Jio Infocomm : Pokestop
  14. Reliance Digital, Central Mall (Ganeshguri) - 1 Gym.  
  15. Digital Xpress store, Parnil Palace (Zoo road) - 1 Pokestop
  16. Digital Xpress mini store, Silpukhri - 1 Pokestop
  17. Digital Xpress, Basistha rd & Digital Xpress, Survey Rd. *overlapping (Wireless, Beltola) - 2 Pokestops (overlapping)

Total Pokestops: 20
Gyms: 4

....more to be updated when confirmed.

Total Pokestops: 20 
Gyms: 4

Credits - Siddhant Das

If you find any PokeStop or Gym that is not in the list please comment below or you can join our social media groups for players in Assam and Guwahati. 

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  1. Pokestops and gym will be only in guwahati or other parts in assam

    1. Hi Ryan, right now the number of Pokestops even in Guwahati is very low. I am not sure about Bongaigaon or other parts, you may try visiting popular places in the city and see if you can find any. We will update as well if we find more information. Thanks!

  2. In bongaigaon the craziness of pokemon go is very high but there is no pokestop or gym so we need it here to must needed so plz update me the info as soon we need it

  3. I went to 5 Pokestops mentioned and each and every one was right, Thank you lol

  4. I hv a gym r8t nxt to my home n 4 pokestops jst around the corner... its fun....

  5. Thankz for info m keep me update if any stops open in bongaigaon

  6. Any pokestops near Ganeshguri, Guwahati

  7. I am active player an ther are many people like mw who want to enjoy pokemon go in.Assam so pls give some pokestops pls pls pls

  8. There is another Pokestop, the 15th Pokestop. It is located right after crossing ISBT flyover from Lokhra way. Its in the reliance jio infocomm building. You're Welcome. :)

  9. Replies
    1. There is no gym. But there is a pokestop in tinikunia pukhuri.In Sri gurdwara

  10. Anyone got anything in jorhat

  11. HI I'm from udalguri assam India. In udalguri people are carzy for pokemon game day to day they play and catch pokemon but there is no pkestop or gym so I request for a pokestop & gym in my area udalguri

  12. Oi kunubai pockemon gym create korise na pockemon company r pora create hoise pockemon gym

  13. Will there be more pokestops in guwahati? There are none in narengi area. I stay in bonda chandrapur road and I need to go to zoo tiniali to collect pokeballs because that is the nearest pokestop. I wish they provide few more pokestops in narengi or bonda area

  14. Hey.. I am from Tezpur University and here people are crazy here about pokemon go is there any gym or pokestop in tezpur town or any place neatby Tezpur University .... if there plz inform Asap

  15. Hey.. I am from Tezpur University and here people are crazy about pokemon go is there any gym or pokestop in tezpur town or any place neatby Tezpur University .... if there plz inform Asap

  16. Can there be a gym+pokestop in mother terresa road?

  17. Doing a great job for all pokemon fans of this state...do update if gyms n pokestors are out in other districts of Assam

  18. There is a pokestop in golaghat near jio office

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